Little Italy Chicago Neighborhood Association address neighborhood issues, fosters community spirit, and advocates for Little Italy to government entities and public and private institutions.  Little Italy Chicago Neighborhood Association respects the heritage of Little Italy, and maintains and promotes this unique diverse neighborhood as an asset to the city.

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Boundaries of the LICNA shall be defined as Eisenhower Expressway on the north, 14th Street on the south, Ashland on the west and Halsted Street on the east.

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The 5 Principles

Our Little Italy Chicago Neighborhood Association (LICNA) was founded on 5 principles:

  1. Ensure the quality and availability of public and private community services; and maintain the safety and mobility of the people who live and work in Little Italy;
  2. Promote Little Italy as a place to conduct business and facilitate the development of a vital and prosperous business community;
  3. Collect and distribute information about topics of interest to the community and provide a forum for residents and business owners to express their opinions;
  4. Gain consensus on such topics and speak as a uniform voice for the community;
  5. Promote a spirit of cooperation, goodwill and neighborliness, and encourage people to openly communicate and participate in the exchange of ideas about how to improve the community and preserve those features that make this community unique.