Next LICNA Community Meeting

July 18 @ 6:30 pm

The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii

Up Coming Events


    2018 Festa Della Repubblica

  • June 3 @ 11:00 am The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii
  • Community Safety & Security Meeting

  • June 6 @ 6:30 pm Roosevelt Library
  • Bishop Street Rummage Sale

  • June 9 @ 9 am Bishop and Polk Streets
  • Community Get Together

  • June 24 @ 6pm Vintage Lounge & Restaurant

CHA and The Master Plan

We want to know what questions you have. As we try to get more information from CHA regarding use of the land in our community.

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LICNA Committee

For information about the LICNA committees please go to

Beautification- Keeping our area clean and appealing.

Business Development- Working with business to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Bylaws– Govering rules for LICNA

Communications- Coordinating information to the community and giving the community a way to communicate back.

Education- Improving availability of local public school options.

Festa- Coordinating the annual Festa Italiana.

Planning/Zoning- Working with zoning officials to keep the character of the neighborhood.

Safety and Security- Working with community partners to keep us safe.


LICNA Community Meeting Update


    Notes from May 16th Meeting

    The meeting was held at The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompei.

    There were three guest speakers.

    Pauline M Dengler from Cook County State’s Attorneys Office. She is the Community Liason for the office at 715 West Maxwell Street. She gave an overview of what their office does for our community. Check out for more info.

    Officer Jim Lazansky from the 12th District works with the community doing bulgary prevention, hate crime training, retail theft and block security evalutation.

    Alderman Jason Ervin and Dennis O’neil presented about the Master Plan that was coordinated with CHA regarding land in our community. They covered education, public safety, development and the new library. To see info about the Roosevelt Square Master Plan please go to CHA Plans website and scroll to Public Housing Resident Policies & Procedures.

    LICNA Board has approved the submitted Bylaws. Bylaws can be viewed on the website

    Collection of membership dues will begin at the July meeting. Please refer to Article V of the bylaws for details.


    Committee Reports

    Festa Italiana, The committee is meeting bi weekly and things are moving along. The boundaries set on Taylor from Ashland to Throop.

    Beautification committee announced they have completed a grant to request funds to add a welcoming arch to our community. We are waiting for our 501c3 status to submit grant request.

    Safety and Security committee announced their strategic mission (see for specifics) and announced a community meeting focused just on safety and security. It will be held on June 6 @6:30 pm at Chicago Public Library Roosevelt Branch.

    At this point the meeting was opened up to new business. Here is a recap of these items.

    2018 Festa Della Repubblica honoring US Army Sgt. Thomas Davino

    A suggestion of having social events in the community was suggested. The board supports the idea and will be happy to advertise on Facebook and website, but the actual meetings should be coordinated by individuals who are interested in planning.

    If you have additional concerns, please feel free to email or attend the next LICNA Community Meeting on July 18th to bring a voice to our community.

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