Board Members

Joe Esposito: President Joe serves as President on LICNA’s board.  He is a third generation Italian/American resident of Little Italy Chicago and life long resident of 47 Years, raising three teens with his wife.  Joe’s goals are to help keep the Italian culture, an influence that participated and played a vital role in making our neighborhood, Taylor Street Little Italy, what it is today. He helped form LICNA to lend a hand in making Little Italy a safer, cleaner, healthier and highly educational environment for the families and residents of today and tomorrow. Additionally, Joe wants to continue helping current businesses thrive while welcoming new businesses to the area.   Karen Phelan: Vice President Coming Soon   Mary Beth Howard: Secretary Mary Beth serves as Secretary on LICNA’s board.   She is lifetime resident of the Little Italy.  Her family is five generations of residing in Little Italy.   She has served on the board of The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii from 2002 to 2004, prior to becoming the Business Manager, and served as Vice President of The Sheridan Park Advisory Council from 2015 to 2017.    Little Italy has been through many changes that have improved the quality of life for its residences, businesses and institutions.  This was and will continue to be successful with the involvement of the Little Italy Community, past, present and future.  Growth, change and involvement are key to the success of any community.   Following the footsteps of many that have shaped Little Italy, Mary Beth looks forward to its continued growth for generations to come.   Doug Bartels: Treasurer Doug serves as Treasurer and is active on the Business Development Committee.  He has lived in the neighborhood for 7 years with Julie, his wife, and their three young children.  They are extremely happy to be a part of such a great community.  To date he has been active at Sheridan Park and joined LICNA work with neighbors on a variety of continued improvements.  He looks forward to partnering with others to improve programming, expand developments and business on Taylor Street and the surrounding business areas and continue the positive progress of providing quality educational options to our youths.   Jim Purgatorio: Director of Community Relations Jim has assumed the responsibility as the Community Liaison contact for LICNA. Additionally, is an active member of the Sheridan Park Advisory Committee.   He grew up in Little Italy playing ringalevio during recess at Pompeii, ping pong at the CYO in the evening, baseball at Peanut Park, and spent Saturdays at the fabulous Garden Show.   A major objective he has is to revitalize our Little Italy neighborhood by collaborating with our local educational, religious and health care institutions and drawing on their substantial resources to meet our revitalization goals while paying homage to our Italian heritage.   Regina Scannicchio: Community Liaison Coming Soon