Business Development

The Business Development Committee is committed to encouraging development that enhances the quality of life for residents and maintains harmony with the existing neighborhood. Current business are encouraged to submit suggestions and items for consideration. Developers with project proposals within or adjacent to LICNA are invited to contact us early in the process to present their plans and the committee will help gather feedback and considerations. The committee works nearby Chambers of Commerce and the Planning Committee on zoning that may have an impact on the neighborhood including Little Italy and ABLA. (residents, business, political leaders and non-for-profits) Members: – Mike Atella – Doug Bartels – Kathy Catrambone – Joe Esposito – Tim Jacobs – Bob Pistilli – Liz Vitellaro Initial Areas of Focus: 1. Understand challenges that businesses are currently facing (not just revenue, but things like crime, parking, ideas to promote the neighborhood and specials to bring in new business, etc.) 2. Help promote local businesses and museums – including promotion days through LICNA and media channels 3. Ensure storefronts remain clean and well kept 4. Start local Chamber of Commerce, fundraising to support LICNA 5. Identify business types that are not prevalent in our community (e.g. Caputos Grocery Store, Family Oriented Restaurants, Family Diner, etc.) 6. Inventory open spaces and potential commercial agents to help fill current vacant spaces and identify potential businesses Mid / Long-Term Focus: 1. Promote a Taste of Taylor Street 2. Partner with UIC on Art Fairs, etc. 3. Gain board seats on key Chicago Committees and Chambers of Commerce 4. Fill in all open commercial spaces on Roosevelt and Taylor Street as well as other areas zoned